zaterdag 27 februari 2010

Garmin Edge 500 ...KNOWN BUG

I thought I just HAD to have one....I liked its compactness, design, features such as "up to 18 hours power", "easy switchability from one bike to another", the "simple course line" navigation.... perfect for the Itoigawa Classic this coming May!

My new Garmin 500 arrived yesterday. Excited as I was, I plugged it in (recognized by PC), charged the battery 100% far everything normal...BUT THEN, I made the mistake (?) of uploading two of my favorite routes (of course the Tokyo-Itoigawa being one of them) BEFORE CONFIGURING my Garmin 500 (=completing the initial setup). Both uploads were successful. "All right!," I thought, "now lets configure the thing"

...ALAS!! my Garmin 500 had now become unoperatable and is right now no longer recognized by my PC. I tried all the troubleshooting solutions but none of them work. Device won't go into mass storage mode (in order to delete those 2 files I uploaded before configuring) and does no longer show up in My Computer as a new removable disk. Right now, the device cannot even be turned off (!!)...all it does is show the GARMIN logo sometimes with backlight sometimes without.
Have contacted Garmin support and must now wait 3 days for a reply...


Question: What can be done to unlock an Edge 500 that will not progress past the startup screen?

Answer: Software version 2.00 and 2.10 for the Edge 500 has a known bug that causes a user's device to either lock-up or is stuck in a constant power cycle, never progressing past the startup screen. This problem has been traced back to the NewFiles folder within the Edge 500 directory. If an unreadable file is placed in this folder the device reacts as described above. In order to remedy this issue the device must be held in mass storage mode so that you may access the NewFiles directory and delete it. In order to remedy this issue please follow the steps below: With the device powered off, please old the Page/Menu button. While continuing to hold the Page/Menu button, plug the device into the PC with a compatible USB cable. Continue to hold the Page/Menu button for at least 10 seconds in order for the device to enter mass storage mode*. Once you have gained access to the Edge 500 directory, please delete the NewFiles folder*. Mass Storage mode is achieved when the device shows under My Computer or shows as a Disk Drive on your computer screen.

This bug will be resolved in a future software update and this article will be updated with that software version when avaialble (sic).

zondag 21 februari 2010

Positivo Espresso Classic Half-Day Slow Ride

Exactly what I needed to recover this morning! Thanks MOB for organizing! Today's RdV was at the Takao 7/11 at 9:15. Hiroshi, Nishibe-san and I left Sekidobashi at 8:00 and since we had plenty of time, we decided to take the Asakawa approach. One rider after the other arrived at Takao while I was basking in the sun waiting on the other side of the road. Met Dominic and some other members for the first time and also saw some buddies like Deej I hadn't met for a long time. The little "time trial" to the top of Otarumi was very pleasant. Clay was leading from the start with Deej in his wheel, closely followed by James, myself and Hiroshi. James has made impressive progress and I just had to let him go ahead today. My left knee was still hurting from yesterday's "tachigoke" and I could only push the left pedal, no pulling or danseuse. Once everyone had arrived, we took some souvenir pictures...unfortunately, I did not get my self-timer to function properly! Still, I like this picture. Looking forward to seeing what Michael's camera made of it. Most of us rode back around Lake Tsukui and then Onekan. It is not easy of course to stay in one group on straight stretches like Onekan further complicated by traffic lights and before we knew it, most of us ended up "barabara"! Got home before time for a date with Thai lunch in Kunitachi....

zaterdag 20 februari 2010

Sengokubara "Loop"

Today's "asaren" was 210km long covered at an average speed of 26.4km/h. As on most Saturdaymornings, I met up with my VLAAMS buddies at Koremasa Bridge - still at wintertime 6:30 RdV. This morning we were only three guys. Muscles still not warmed up and stiff from the morning cold, I gave a nice demonstration of "tachigoke" at the Minamitama railroad crossing. As the crossing bar went up, I took off with too much eagerness and still in highest good left foot slipped off the pedal and with all the built-up momentum, I hit the ground in front of Saruto and Nagashi...Big Disgrace! That hurt! My left knee and left elbow are still painful. How disgusted I was with myself. My mates tried to comfort me saying "mezurashii ne!"...a freak accident indeed!

We took turns following the VLAAMS patented route to Odawara along the Odawara-Atsugi toll road. I parted from Saruto at Ninomiya; Nagashi had already turned back after we got off the toll road. My plan was to cycle to Hakone...the Positivo Espresso traditional New Year route. I rode past Hakone Yumoto then over Ohiradai. From Miyanoshita (Fujiya Hotel) Tokaido Rd 1 turns into Rd 138 a.k.a. "Hakone-ura Highway" which I followed all the way to Sengokubara 仙石原. Here I doubled retrospect I wish I had continued over Gotemba to Yamanakako and return via Doshimichi....that would have been one mighty impressive loop! One of these days, I will surely do this Grand Loop....probably good for 270 or more kilometers. Perfect Itoigawa training.

Instead, I rode back via Enoshima. Going up North, I ran into James and his daughter on the other side of the road - don't remember exactly where. How sweet father and daughter training together!

I got home a little after time I really should do the real "Fuchu - Odawara - Hakone - Yamanakako - Doshi - Fuchu loop!

Tomorrow, PE is having its standard half-day Otarumi ride which I plan to join to recuperate a bit if my left knee doesn't hurt too much I hope.

The new 11-28 Ultegra cassette by the way, was fantastic! I already ordered a second one!

zondag 14 februari 2010

Yuuki Shokudo revisited

Left home a little after 6 o'clock...the little fishpond in the garden was not frozen but as soon as I hit the road I saw those tell-tale white circles on the asphalt. I was on my Sirius Ti-1 with the 24C pave tires and they didn't offer much grip. I gingerly proceeded to the VLAAMS RdV spot and going down the hill leading to the Fuchu racetrack, my bike made a little fishtail...caution needed! 6 'o clock in the morning is probably the coldest hour at this time of the year and the closer I got to Tamagawa, the more puddles had turned into ice!

Four VLAAMS buddies showed up at Koremasa Bridge and they all seemed as scared as I was. After a little conference we decided to go safe and stick to roads with more or less automobile traffic. We were riding direction Kawasaki along Fuchu/Kawasaki Kaido when I recognized a familiar-looking tall foreigner wearing a yellow fugu outfit on a grey and red aluminum Cervelo with orange accents here and there. Michael probably recognized me as he was looking behind. But what was he doing on Kawasaki Kaido...that early in the morning and going in the dangerous (icy) direction?

It was the first time for me to do the Miura loop in reverse and perhaps because today was a Sunday and it was still early in the morning, the traffic was bearable...if only there were fewer traffic lights! Ichiro and I were the only ones left as we reached Yokosuka for our first and only morning break. We calculated arrival time at Yuuki Shokudo at 12:00 and the vision of plenty of great food kept us going at a pretty strong pace.

We got to the "open-air" restaurant just a few minutes past noon and members of Team Metabolic Racing were about to finish their meals. Portions are notoriously huge here and with last weak's ordeal fresh in mind, I took the sashimi set menu this time. Diminutive Ichiro had set his mind on the maguro-katsu mountain and devoured the whole thing with great facility and gusto!

We rode back along the Sakaigawa cycling road from Fujisawa and like last week, I let Ichiro ride up front all the way! It was slowly getting more cloudy and colder again and I was happy to be back home before 15:00 and sink away in a nice & hot Kneipp bath.

donderdag 11 februari 2010

CS-6700 11T-28T or National Foundation Day

National Foundation Day...most years this is a perfect day for some good riding; this year however skies are grey and cold rain is threatening to fall any time. Only 2 days ago, it was 21 degrees in Tokyo but right now only 5! To make things even more miserable, I've been enduring Montezuma's revenge all week...some malicious virus got into the stomach I guess.

Otherwise a perfect day for getting up late, enjoying a good breakfast with baroque music and simply being lazy! I was enjoying my second slice of toast with choco paste and checking my email when I burst out in laughter. MOB never fails to entertain with his melodramatic antics and death's head diapers. The Columbian (or is it Arabian?) trumpet tune played by my little brother - also freshly arrived by email this morning - served as alternative BGM* complementing Michael's story. I was so engrossed in Michael's narrative of his fishtailing Bad Boy that my wife got angry at me for my failing to keep the dialogue going...

(* Balkan Beat)

Earlier this week, I had contacted O-Vest to order a new fork for my Anchor RNC7 Elite Neocot bike. One of my VLAAMS buddies had told me that the 2010 model comes with a steel front fork instead of the Mizuno carbon fork which has been the standard for many years. Since I always wanted to have a real steel fork I was very excited. Great was my disappointment when Nishitani-san informed me that the fork in question is as heavy as 900 grams !! Steel forks are naturally a bit more heavy than carbon forks but decent ones usually weigh in at around 600 grams. Could it be that Bridgestone is the latest victim to cost-pruning and has outsourced production of the fork? That would be a shame indeed for the frame is otherwise "100% Made in Japan" (Saitama factory). Anyways, I decided to follow up Nishitani-san's expert and honest advice and stick to Mizuno's carbon fork which after all is not a bad one.

I just finished changing the sprocket on my Neocot, had been using 11-23 which is fantastic for flat rides allowing me to hang in the wheels of my fastest VLAAMS buddies. With the hill climb season about to open again, I wanted a more versatile sprocket while still keeping 11T for those flat races. I found out that the new CS-6700 Ultegra series now has a sprocket with a 11T-28T tooth configuration with very wide jumps between 21T - 24T and 28T. I am very curious what effect this will produce in combination with my normal 53-39 crank. I guess it (39/28) should power up my Neocot sufficiently to carry me to the top of Kazahari-rindo...

zondag 7 februari 2010

50km quickie...

Met David and Nishibe-san of Positivo Espresso at 8:15 Sekidobashi this morning. Strong, icy and mostly north-westerly wind was blowing and slowing down our ride to Takao along the Asakawa CR. After a brief rest with hot lemonade at the Takao 7/11, we decided to forfeit Odarumi and doubleback along the Hino-Bypass. Fujisan and the entire Okutama mountain range were splendidly silhouetted against February-blue skies!

zaterdag 6 februari 2010

B-級 Gourmet incredible mountain

Weekly V練 assembled at Koremasa Bridge 6:30...we were 5 today: Saruto, Yamazaki, Nagashi, Ichiro and I. We were speeding along the VLAAMS-patented route to Odawara, very pleasant, lots of variation, few traffic lights and bearable level of traffic. V練 being in principle an early morning training, Yamazaki, Nagashi and Saruto in this order turned back homewards before Ichiro and I reached Odawara.

The signboard along R.1 telling us 14km more to Hakone looked very tempting but not wanting to run into icy conditions higher up, we decided to postpone Hakone until next week when it will be a bit warmer hopefully. We doubled back in Odawara just when I had 81 km on my computer. Ichiro and I were going full throttle from this point all the way to Enoshima where average speed reached today's max of 29.4km/h.

Last week, we had reached Yuuki Shokudo 1 hour too early but today we managed to time our arrival perfectly getting there at 11:25 five minutes before opening time. There were already quite a few people including cyclists waiting in front of us. The restaurant is being run in a rather machinelike manner...upon entering one has to wait behind a pink line before one can proceed to the cashier, order one's food and pay for it first. We took a seat inside thinking it would be nice and warm but it turned out to be quite dark and cold. Most people were eating outside on the terrace in the sun.

When my plate came, I couldn't believe my enormously voluminous mountain of deep-fried and special-sauce drenched tuna on top of rice with mayonnaise on the side! An extremely hearty meal indeed but NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF A RIDE!!! Ichiro had chosen the sashimi set menu and this spared him from all the suffering I went through conquering this incredible mountain.

Our plan was to ride back along the Sakaigawa cycling road. With a full and extremely heavy stomach I re-mounted my bike...powerless and badly needing to burp! Hoping to ease my digestion a bit, we hopped inside an Okinawa ice-cream establishment...delicious but I still had to wait all the way to Machida for my first burp...solace! I made it to Machida thanks to Ichiro who rode me out of the wind for more than 40km!

The wind grew increasingly strong but fortunately my powers came back following a second burp. This time it was my turn to do some work up front and the two of us went unstoppable along the Onekan. Today's total: 181.54km @ average of 27.3km/h.