zondag 30 oktober 2011


Tried my deep (50mm) rim wheels with 20mm clicnhers for the first time this morning.  First impression: FAST!
 This weekend's two "rehabilitation" rides worked well adding up to a total distance of 300km...PCL muscle strain still there but no longer painful; not getting worse and "under control" now I think.  Ran into Positivo Espresso mate Jerome as I was slowly riding towards Makime-toge.  Jerome was on his way home after a 2-day ride to view the newly-constructed velodrome in ....sorry, forgot where it was.

zaterdag 29 oktober 2011

Garigari-kun & Saijin-toge (new)

Sakura (upper left) in full bloom !
Lake Tsuburada
Rendez-vous with Garigari-kun at the Akagi Nyugyo headquarters
Saijin-toge 塞神峠 (new!)

zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

Un-tensioning the tendons & ligaments...week #2

Sukoshi-zutsu...rihabiri-chu !! week #2

Tenderness & pain in the back of the left knee slowly but surely ebbing away with each new day. Strained and loosened hamstring tendons/posterior cruciate ligaments have finally started to tighten up and regain their proper tension again! HURRAH!! Comforting sensation but 油断大敵!!!

dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

battery holder

I found the perfect "battery holder" to boost up my Edge 800. As you can see, I fits neatly under the top tube and the neoprene will not scratch the carbon or any other material. The 800 is behaving a lot better lately and is no longer shutting itself down mid-ride.  It seems that deleting previously uploaded courses ("corrupt" files?) solved that problem...

zondag 9 oktober 2011

Tour of two Saitama Lakes...Tsuburada & Mase

both lakes 円良田湖 & 間瀬湖 are famous for "hera-buna" fishing (and wakasagi during the winter months).  Maseko is on the way up to Maze-toge 間瀬峠.  Half-way I programmed the GPS for Jomine-san 城峰山...it seemed to have picked up a fantastic route and rindo leading to the top.  Unfortunately, the rindo turned into a very rough dirt road with deep crevaces running near both sides.  I crashed and hit the rocks/pebbles with my bad left knee first...now not only the inside but the outside is hurting very bad.  Only a small cut and a little bit of blood but the knee looks blue-ish now.  Called it a day and turned back to Chichibu...walking the rougher parts and ruining my (brand-new!) cleats in the process.  A weird oni ogre statue was overlooking Saitama's own Kegon-no-taki but I was no longer in the mood to check out the waterfall right below.  The statue represents an acala naatha or fudou-myouou 不動明王; in this case 空滝大明王 (supposed to be another haikyo site!). Very pleasant temperatures all day, average of 18 degrees.

zondag 2 oktober 2011

Choco Power for Higashi Nippon !

The new VLAAMS maillot produced by HASHIKEN (Ken Hashikawa) hailing from Fukushima and now based in Kortrijk, Belgium coaching young Japanese cyclists aspiring to become pros

zaterdag 1 oktober 2011

Delightfully aimless 260km

aimless but delightful...solo at its best.
A cheerful obaachan at Mamba (Gunma) went like