zaterdag 14 januari 2012

Gunma LSD (八塩温泉 下見)

Always worth a little detour!   Lake Tsuburata wakasagi fishermen.
Covers even my big nose when temperatures go sub-zero!
parking lot was full but still many wakasagi fishing boats available!
Like my post-ride bath overflowing...real luxury!
One of the Yashio-onsens I checked out...
Member of the All-Japan "Secret" Onsen Assocation...featuring "konnyoku" :)
Engawa-lounge-bar in late Taisho-Early Showa style....marvelous!!
so nice to have deep rims to cut through northern winds!

zondag 8 januari 2012

Little Kamakita Loop

Slowly starting up the engines this year.  Combined with yesterday's ride around Miura Peninsula, this long weekend was good for 310km.  No cycling tomorrow though.

zaterdag 7 januari 2012

Hatsu-ride featuring Arasaki Mochitsuki!

View from Zushi on Miura Peninsula
Little fisherman's harbor in front of Kumano-jinja, Arasaki
This one belongs to the one and only Zentaroh!
Hazard/sightseeing map of Arasaki
Mochi-tsuki rice-cake pounding at the weekend cottage of my boss overseeing Arasaki Bay
Freshly-pounded yomogi-herb rice-cake with kinako toasted soybean flour and brown bamboo sugar...perfect fuel on a cold day like today!
Couldn't resist a stop at my favorite bakery...had a "filet-au-fish" sandwich and took 3 anpans home!
Nakaipan!  the best bakery in all of Miura Peninsula...authentic Showa taste guaranteed!
Today happened to be the first day in business this a whole bag full of "Melba toast"-rusk for free!