vrijdag 23 maart 2012

ending adulterous kotei affair

It took me some while to realize there is no zen in kotei - at least not for me!  Tomorrow, I'm visiting c speed to let go of the beautiful hand-built-by-Hiroshi rear wheel (Ambrosio Excellight) featuring the revolutionary and highly acclaimed Eccentric Eno hub produced in the USA by White Industries.  This hub was invented to convert standard road races with vertical dropouts into kotei/fixies and ingeniuously solves the problem of how to tension the chain.  My own Eccentric Eno is of the flip/flop design and has a fixed 16T cog on one side and a free 16T cog on the other side which I never even bothered to try, infatuated as I was by the simple beauty and depth of "kotei" so many people are raving about.

Hiroshi-san will be building up my Sirius Ti-1 with a new Ultegra compact crankset and shifters and the Dura-Ace derailleurs from the original groupset.  By way of experiment, I asked him to order 165mm crank arms.  I am curious and hoping this switch to shorter crank arms will help improve my spinning and reduce the stress on my weakening knees.  Who knows, I might even enter this year's TOITO on this great titanium bike about to be reborn!

dinsdag 20 maart 2012

bunkajin liseur...(?)

春分の日...Vernal Equinox Day!  Wife out visiting ancestral grave...me out paying my respects to Nenogongen.  Highlight of the day: met Great Positivo Espresso Buddy David L. (at the very end of my brief ride)

maandag 12 maart 2012

Skoda Muurchallenge one-kilometer time trial (hill climb!)

My father on top of the hill (top left) relishing the sight of Johan Musseeuw cresting DE MUUR

Younger brother finished 6th (out of 731 participants) racing "volle bak / full throttle" up The Muur at an average of 29.9km/h