zaterdag 30 juni 2012


Pretty much exhausted.
Rode out from Koremasa together with John and Stefano (of G.S. Astuto) for the first leg of 80k to Shin-Matsuda Station.
 Disqualified myself by not waiting for the official start at the bottom of Matsuhime (didn't want to wait too long in order to be home before sunset).
Was super nice to meet all the new TCC "young guns"...yes they are FAST (way too fast for me) and competitive...very promising. I really liked the encouragements written in chalk on climb up Matsuhime, very moving!
 Leaving the KOM contestants behind made me feel like Ghislain Lambert - the cheater who got up in the middle of the night while the rest of the peleton was still asleep to win the Paris-Brest Classic race...(great movie by the way).
Distance; 282.3 km
Elevation: +4,390 m
Max Grade: 17.5%
Avg. Grade: 3.4%
Max Speed: 74.3 km/h
Avg. Speed: 24.3 km/h

zaterdag 23 juni 2012

almost 300k almost 5000m total ascent...rainy KOM

Did a reconnaisance ride of TCC's official King of Mountain a.k.a. "Best of the West" course under mostly cloudy skies leaving home precisely at sunrise (4:27)
Weary as always of rinko’ing by train, I cycled all the way to the Shin-Matsuda Station start line. Initial plan was to go further down all the way to Odawara but as it didn’t look like the skies would clear up, I let my GPS guide me straight to Shin-Matsuda Route 711 once I passed the Lake Wood and Hiratsuka Fujimi golf courses.

It took me a little more than 3 hours to reach the official start and I started right away without resting. Toges featured on this course are Ashigara, Mikuni, Yamabushi, Dozaka, Suzugane and Matsuhime. At the Mikuni turnoff, a thoughtful cyclist who had just descended told me it was raining near the summit and warned me to be careful. It was indeed drizzling around the entire Myoujin-Mikuni-Yamabushi-Dozaka area but thankfully the roads over Suzugane and Matsuhime were dry. I ended up adding ura-Kazahari as I felt some juice left. As usual, the refueling at Kohseiya did wonders (I love that in-store bakery)!

I got back home around 18:30 with almost 300km distance and 5,000 elevation meters (according to Garmin Edge 500) under my belt.

Doing the course at a leisurely pace was fun but I'm sure it will be less so at a race pace!