zondag 11 november 2012

CAAD10 DA9000 Maiden Voyage

 A few first impressions:
 (1) accelerates like no other bike of mine has done before (hits 36km/h in no time)
  (2) feels very strong out of the saddle (danseuse)
  (3) 34~36 km/h "flatarsing" many kilometers in one stretch feels like such an ease!
  (4) doesn't smoothe out rough road surface very well but not to the point it becomes irritating 
(5) DA9000 shifting is great especially FD inner-outer extremely secure
  (6) no chain rub in any gear combination! 
(7) requires less pressure in the tyres
  (8) Panaracer Race L (light) not the best choice - feels sticky picking up lots of jari and other debris (maybe because they're still new)
 (9) the looks are great IMHO that is!
  (10) aluminum feels like a revelation again
 (love the ting-ping sounds whenever a little stone hits the frame underneath!)