zondag 27 juli 2014

Minami-Alps Hook (mostly R 152)

 Support car driven by Ludwig helped me capture the Shirabiso-kogen KOM !!! :)
Left home at sunbreak...
Takao area still deserted

not much too traffic near Otsuki  yet
The notorious TOITO Fujimitoge....nice descent down to Chino followed
Great Kokudo 152 starting at Chino

79km left to destination (Highland Shirabiso)....
36 degrees?  Camera lens covered in sweat

Bungui-toge...a popular touristic (power)spot of some sort

Jizo-toge...all right, almost there!  (collapsed shortly afterwards but fortunately Ludwig had come to my rescue!)
Some 20,000 or more years ago, the Shirabiso area got hit by this meteor (replica) and a small pond has since been present on the mountain flank...

This mountain pass (Hyogoshi-toge) took forever to crest!  (even for Takeda Shingen, it must have been a tough one...)