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Berichten weergeven met het label BD-1. Alle berichten weergeven

zondag 4 januari 2009

BD-1 pottering, Hara Doughnuts

Last day of the winter vacation...sunny weather again! As promised, I went "pottering around" with my wife on a 30km+ slow ride to Jindaiji in Chofu, Kichijoji and back home along the Tamagawa-josui canal. I hadn't ridden my BD-1 Low Gravity for ages and the brakes were badly in need for some oil. I was amazed by the smoothness of the shifting (Shimano Capreo) and the quality of the ride itself. My wife was on her Bridgestone Abios which makes her move a lot faster than on her usual mamachari!

In Kichijoji we did some shopping, bought a "bento" (rice with curry - 3 flavors) at Carnival which we ate in the park behind Kinokuniya while basking in the sunshine. Across the park, I noticed a queue of people in front of an old mansion. The signboard read "Anshin O-yatsu Hara Doughnuts" and it smelled really mouthwatering inside. Apparently, this Hara Doughnuts shop is famous for using natural ingredients such as "okara," the edible pulp separated from soybean milk in the production of tofu. We tried the "Hara Doughnuts, the "Sugar cane Satokibi" and the "Black sesame Kurogoma" doughnuts....delicious! The most simple "Hara" kind uses okara as the main ingredient and was still hot...not unlike a Belgian "oliebol" but a bit healthier I suppose.

As I discovered pottering can be very relaxing. It is surely a nice way to combine one's favorite hobby with some quality time spent together with the wife!