Berichten weergeven met het label EDGE 800. Alle berichten weergeven
Berichten weergeven met het label EDGE 800. Alle berichten weergeven

donderdag 24 november 2011

Hisari Hadano Mikuni 3 passes crested on Labor Thanksgiving Day

Labor Thanksgiving Day!  Left home at 6:00 and tried to avoid 246 like the pest - as contrary to my expectations - it was infested with huge, long trucks driving at crazy speeds very nearby.
  My plan was to do so by heading direction Odawara and from some point let my GPS recalculate a route to the top of Hisari-toge...which it superbly did taking me through splendid country roads and mandarin fields boasting breathtaking views of Fujisan.
The only problem was that this beautiful winding route took me up Hisari-toge from the opposite side than I had planned and I got rather confused when I descended.  I took me some while to realize that!  Hisari-toge is a nice little mountain pass but serves little purpose (no shortcut or anything). 
 So down the village of Matsuda-machi I had my GPS calculate a route taking my over Hadano-toge to the Myojin/Mikuni-toges (I always pre-enter the latitude/longitude coordinates before my ride lately) and the device - again - did a wonderful job of guiding me onto a closed rindo which I suddenly recognized from a TCC ride a couple years ago.  Lots of sharp rocks and debris!!  I carefully descended down to Tanzawako and from there climbed my way up Myojin/Mikuni.
  I was way behind schedule and suffering a hunger knock (already 14:00 at top of Mikuni without eating once).  At the Yamanakako 7/11 I refuelled but as I was eating some spaghetti, cold rain started to fall and my body cooled down and to make matters worse - my legs started to cramp (from the cold?). 
The rest of the Doshimichi ride to home was in the rain...I was trembling heavily at first (Yamabushi-toge) but it got better after a while.  I arrived back home at 19:15 in the dark and very wet!
(complete route in the post below) 

dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

battery holder

I found the perfect "battery holder" to boost up my Edge 800. As you can see, I fits neatly under the top tube and the neoprene will not scratch the carbon or any other material. The 800 is behaving a lot better lately and is no longer shutting itself down mid-ride.  It seems that deleting previously uploaded courses ("corrupt" files?) solved that problem...

vrijdag 29 april 2011

Super Saitama Ridge Ride

What a way to start Golden Week! Initial plan was to do a Itoigawa recognition ride up to the Junction of Doom but I quickly changed my mind realizing today's the first GW day...Koshu Kaido must have been terrible. Instead, I went on my Lady D'arbanville route (missed her for the second time in a row) and this time I took the right turn (last week I turned left) on top of Yakyu-toge towards Tsuchisaka-toge and continued along the ridge direction Jomine-yama (famous for the Ryusei Hillclimb). I went much further - always going up and down at around 720m height...wonderful views all over (ride map here).

Didn't want to ride back to Chichibu so I headed direction Higashi-Chichibu-Mura instead over Nagatoro where tourists were getting a taste of "rafting". First time to climb Nihongi-toge from the opposite (north) side - tough but pleasant. At the bokujo farm, I treated myself to the super-delicious 300-yen soft cream...

Then I tried a new approach to Shiraishi-toge (Ludwig may be the Toge Prodigy but I like to think of myself as the Toge Hunter!). After a while, the road ended in a private chained-off property dead-end. ALthough I was forced to double back, I was so happy having witnessed for the first time in all those years in this country such a wonderful harmony of momiji and ume (picture somewhere down below).

Once I crested Shirashi-toge, I rode home over Tokigawa-machi. After my Edge 800 "froze" for about 10km, it completely died on me with more than 30km spite of (or because of?) the latest update. What a useless gadget! Reminds me of this wonderful passage in Alan Watts "The Wisdom of Insecurity".

Written way back in 1951 (!)..."More and more we try to effect an adaptation to life by means of external gadgets, and attempt to solve our problems by conscious thinking rather than unconscious "know-how". This is much less to our advantage than we like to suppose. ....Already man uses innumerable gadgets to displace the work done by bodily organs in the animals....handing over the government of life to electo-magnetic monsters."

Enough philosophy for today. Luckily my Edge 500 stayed alive until I reached my place...260km and more than 4,000m of climbing (yes, it "kinda" felt that much).

zondag 13 maart 2011

Alive and cycling

Left the office at 16:00 on Friday after a magnitude 9.0 massive quake - the largest ever recorded in this country - hit northern Japan. With disrupted train services, I decided to walk all the way home. Fortunately I had my Edge 800 GPS with me but it still took me almost 5 hours to reach my place.

A real exodus along both sides on Koshu Kaido; quite a few people decided to walk home rather than passing the night inside overcrowed and cold school gymnasiums and other public facilities...very unreal. Most commuters took shelter in Tokyo, unable to find a way home. On my way back, I saw very little or no damage. At home, one frame fell down a bookshelf with glass shattered; otherwise everything intact. Musume spent an extra night in Okinawa and returned home late yesterday.

Cancelled all cycling events (major Super Six overhaul at O-Vest and meeting the potential next owner of my cyclocross Ridley) for this weekend.

This morning, however, I hesitated for a while and my family tried in vain to plead with me not to leave even on a short ride (they were obviously worried about radiactivity in the air...150 micro-Sievert per hour is supposed to be 1,000 times the normal level but that was INSIDE the control room of the disabled Fukushima nuclear plant. Still, higher-than-usual radiation levels have also been detected in the Kanto region, including in Ibaraki, Tokyo and Kanagawa prefectures, but not in amounts deemed harmful - yet). Many cyclists must have either feared exposure or else they simply preferred to watch the ongoing after-quake debacle on TV because I only saw very few of them on the road in spite of such perfect cycling conditions...weatherwise.

Super Six...last time dressed in Campagnolo (Super Record 10)... on her next ride, she will be wearing a brand-new Dura-Ace outfit, maybe not as sexy & feathery but more trusty & responsive....

zaterdag 19 februari 2011

Mostly cloudy ride

Lora in all her usual glory was never there ...the skies above failed to clear up in spite of the sunny weather forecast. Rode the first lap of today's ride in the company of Ludwig who - on his cyclocross - was my guest for some drafting direction Odawara. When we hit R1, I turned left to Miura and Ludwig right to Manazuru. On Miura peninsula, I tried a few new roads running crosswise and was surprised at the abundance of residential areas. Halfway, I turned to Kaneda Bay where I visited the nice bakery facing the bay. The rest of the ride was an exact repeat of last Sunday's route to Lake Tsukui. Today, my Edge 800 almost failed on me again producing the LOW BATTERY warning about 190km into the ride. I had tried everything - no backlight, no sounds, no navigating, no contrast (0), no auto zoom...the only feature I left on was the Automotive Mode to show a perspective view of the map...could this be the culprit? Disabling all those nice features just in order to save the battery (and trip!), reduces my Edge 800 to a very dull device. On my next rides, I think I will take along the Edge 500 in my pocket!

zondag 6 februari 2011

Mimase-toge Loop

No pictures today… simply wasn’t in the mood to take any. Musume stuck in bed with fever, I left home solo at 9:00 with no definite destination or purpose in mind other than testing how my new GPS navigation map would perform on Edge 800. Yesterday, I was rather disappointed in the auto-routing function with the device sometimes forcing me in impossible directions and tiny alleys draining the battery so much, the entire ride went lost unrecorded as my screen turned blank. This “Japan Digital Road Map Navigator and Topo 10m for Garmin GPS V3” is produced by a small (?) company called UUD Co., Ltd. near Asakusabashi staffed by very friendly and helpful people.

Once on Onekan, I decided to attack Yabitsu-toge, selected the pre-entered coordinates and hit GO! After a while, I realized the automatic routing was guiding me onto “omote-Yabitsu” and not the intended “ura-Yabitsu”…yareyare! I was starting to feel a little agitated and tried to adjust the routing by entering a new location “Lake Tsukui”. Constantly trying the catch routing instructions on the screen (while keeping an attentive eye on the road and traffic around me of course!) considerably slowed down my pace and I soon found myself in the company of many tens of Nalshima riders, making me even more nervous. Sometimes the devise would instruct me to make this or that turn. Unfortunately, though, these maneuvers are not instantly reflected in “real time” onto the screen…often there is a 5 up to 10 second lapse sometimes long enough to get on a wrong route and - to make matters worse - activate the device’s recalculating function which can take quite long to complete. In short, I was several times literally “put of my track”.

UUD of course was not to blame for my malaise…the road map is simple awesome with incredibly lots of detail. Ludwig afterwards gave me several useful hints on how to utilize the software without exhausting battery life too much. For my next ride, I will create my own route after making some significant changes to the Mapsource’s 環境設定 configuration. I was obviously using “too much map and too much detail” on the settings of yesterday’s ride.

Anyway, I discovered this nice little pass called Mimase-toge 三増峠 as I was circling around Aikawamachi and that pretty much saved my day. Mimase is famous for the so-called “Battle of Mimase Pass” back in 1569 involving 30,000 warriors when Takeda Shingen advanced from neighboring Yamanashi and successfully drove the Hôjô clan back to Odawara…or so the legend goes. Lots of literature on this and the Mimase battlefields are still there bearing witness to the massacre. The hilly area seems to be popular among cyclists as an oval-shaped training course. I got passed by a bunch of eager youngsters chasing each other as I was climbing my way up to the darkish Mimase Tunnel. Another athletically-built foreigner was trying to hang onto their wheels. Normally, I like to mark such climbers as my prey and give chase but today I simply didn’t have the legs and the guts.

This taught me a good lesson though…never put the cart before the horse! I clearly mistook the GPS for the ride.

zaterdag 5 februari 2011

Kagosaka & Ashigara Loop

Left home at 6:00 and got back at 17:00...almost non-stop (only 2 more or less longer stops - one at Yamakako for some ice-skating and one at the top of Ashigara-toge) least 250k covered. Made the stupid mistake of activating the "run-against-yourself-Garmin" program which incredibly drains the battery. Worked fine scaling Yamabushi-toge down to frozen lake Yamanaka and then over Kagosaka-toge et ensuite onto Ashigara-toge (only third time for me following 2 earlier scalings with TCC) but after hitting R1 and wanting to follow the pre-selected return route, the dreaded LOW BATTERY warning popped up...30 minutes later I was completely unplugged... Lesson learned: those Garmin Edge 800 batteries promise 15 hours of life...just don't trust that!!! Luckily, I was by then in familiar territory again and easily found my way home over Tsukui-ko.

Route here: sorry error....blame GARMIN software engineers
Inspiration: Fighting Cock Kentucky Straight Bourbon Aged 6 years 103 PROOF (=51.5% alc)
Today's BGM: Adagio con espressione MOZART STRING TRIO Beethoven, String Trios