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Berichten weergeven met het label GARMIN. Alle berichten weergeven

zaterdag 12 mei 2012

Lake Kanna & Maze-toge Loop we come!

Ideal body weight finally within reach...Sirius Ti-1 in top condition...silky smooth shifting (thanks Koyama-san / thanks Nishitani-san)...SMP Forma saddle excellent support on the climbs...battery recharge system flawless!
254km @ moving average of 26.1km/h

vrijdag 29 april 2011

Super Saitama Ridge Ride

What a way to start Golden Week! Initial plan was to do a Itoigawa recognition ride up to the Junction of Doom but I quickly changed my mind realizing today's the first GW day...Koshu Kaido must have been terrible. Instead, I went on my Lady D'arbanville route (missed her for the second time in a row) and this time I took the right turn (last week I turned left) on top of Yakyu-toge towards Tsuchisaka-toge and continued along the ridge direction Jomine-yama (famous for the Ryusei Hillclimb). I went much further - always going up and down at around 720m height...wonderful views all over (ride map here).

Didn't want to ride back to Chichibu so I headed direction Higashi-Chichibu-Mura instead over Nagatoro where tourists were getting a taste of "rafting". First time to climb Nihongi-toge from the opposite (north) side - tough but pleasant. At the bokujo farm, I treated myself to the super-delicious 300-yen soft cream...

Then I tried a new approach to Shiraishi-toge (Ludwig may be the Toge Prodigy but I like to think of myself as the Toge Hunter!). After a while, the road ended in a private chained-off property dead-end. ALthough I was forced to double back, I was so happy having witnessed for the first time in all those years in this country such a wonderful harmony of momiji and ume (picture somewhere down below).

Once I crested Shirashi-toge, I rode home over Tokigawa-machi. After my Edge 800 "froze" for about 10km, it completely died on me with more than 30km spite of (or because of?) the latest update. What a useless gadget! Reminds me of this wonderful passage in Alan Watts "The Wisdom of Insecurity".

Written way back in 1951 (!)..."More and more we try to effect an adaptation to life by means of external gadgets, and attempt to solve our problems by conscious thinking rather than unconscious "know-how". This is much less to our advantage than we like to suppose. ....Already man uses innumerable gadgets to displace the work done by bodily organs in the animals....handing over the government of life to electo-magnetic monsters."

Enough philosophy for today. Luckily my Edge 500 stayed alive until I reached my place...260km and more than 4,000m of climbing (yes, it "kinda" felt that much).

zaterdag 5 februari 2011

Kagosaka & Ashigara Loop

Left home at 6:00 and got back at 17:00...almost non-stop (only 2 more or less longer stops - one at Yamakako for some ice-skating and one at the top of Ashigara-toge) least 250k covered. Made the stupid mistake of activating the "run-against-yourself-Garmin" program which incredibly drains the battery. Worked fine scaling Yamabushi-toge down to frozen lake Yamanaka and then over Kagosaka-toge et ensuite onto Ashigara-toge (only third time for me following 2 earlier scalings with TCC) but after hitting R1 and wanting to follow the pre-selected return route, the dreaded LOW BATTERY warning popped up...30 minutes later I was completely unplugged... Lesson learned: those Garmin Edge 800 batteries promise 15 hours of life...just don't trust that!!! Luckily, I was by then in familiar territory again and easily found my way home over Tsukui-ko.

Route here: sorry error....blame GARMIN software engineers
Inspiration: Fighting Cock Kentucky Straight Bourbon Aged 6 years 103 PROOF (=51.5% alc)
Today's BGM: Adagio con espressione MOZART STRING TRIO Beethoven, String Trios

zondag 28 november 2010


Ludwig leading me onto a brand-new road to Umechan
(a.k.a. Jerome Hill)
Even though Ludwig is on a heavy alu cyclocross and me on a titanium frame the producer of which once finished the Okinawa Pro Race on the same bike in 4th place (the one & only Hashiken), I had a difficult time keeping up. Look how Ludwig is pulling and don't miss my brand-new toy, the EDGE 800...(less snotwipers)
Classic view of Lake Okutama with moon above
Photo session time...after dropping a weird wheelsucker on a green Testach (the bike was ↑, the guy riding it was ↓)
Introduced Ludwig to my favorite manju-shop near Kosuge. Here one gets real "high-value-added-stuff". I love the lady running the shop (ressembles my own mother)
Heyhey...running against my VP! (=virtual partner; yes, I actually successfully UPloaded a past ride along the same course...was a little faster then)
Time for a classic photo of Fujisan
Beni-imo manju - just in time to prevent a HK (=hunger knock)!
Here's titanium leaning against iron
another classic shot...
Now THIS is an interesting elevation 1,640m or so (a bit higher actually than Kamihikawa-toge)...why so interesting? When I passed through here last April to train for Itoigawa, a porno movie recording session was going on at full blast...the lady was wearing nothing but a nice kitsune fur-coat and she was into some real heavy action on some guy (I'm not making up this story - this road is still closed to traffic in April and those movie producers seem to have access to this kind of information) & (and of course, I never tell my wife about such encounters in the saddle)
Red & hot, snake skin...hehe....
...there were no monkey families out today... :-(

Today's route: here in Edge 800 version
Today's BGM: Ron Carter All Alone (of which D.B. Blues 5 times in repeat mode)
Hiroko Yakushimaru ("Jidai," twice)
Today's inspiration: ELIJAH CRAIG Kentucky Straight Bourbon 12 years old (94 proof)