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Berichten weergeven met het label Musume. Alle berichten weergeven

zondag 13 maart 2011

Alive and cycling

Left the office at 16:00 on Friday after a magnitude 9.0 massive quake - the largest ever recorded in this country - hit northern Japan. With disrupted train services, I decided to walk all the way home. Fortunately I had my Edge 800 GPS with me but it still took me almost 5 hours to reach my place.

A real exodus along both sides on Koshu Kaido; quite a few people decided to walk home rather than passing the night inside overcrowed and cold school gymnasiums and other public facilities...very unreal. Most commuters took shelter in Tokyo, unable to find a way home. On my way back, I saw very little or no damage. At home, one frame fell down a bookshelf with glass shattered; otherwise everything intact. Musume spent an extra night in Okinawa and returned home late yesterday.

Cancelled all cycling events (major Super Six overhaul at O-Vest and meeting the potential next owner of my cyclocross Ridley) for this weekend.

This morning, however, I hesitated for a while and my family tried in vain to plead with me not to leave even on a short ride (they were obviously worried about radiactivity in the air...150 micro-Sievert per hour is supposed to be 1,000 times the normal level but that was INSIDE the control room of the disabled Fukushima nuclear plant. Still, higher-than-usual radiation levels have also been detected in the Kanto region, including in Ibaraki, Tokyo and Kanagawa prefectures, but not in amounts deemed harmful - yet). Many cyclists must have either feared exposure or else they simply preferred to watch the ongoing after-quake debacle on TV because I only saw very few of them on the road in spite of such perfect cycling conditions...weatherwise.

Super Six...last time dressed in Campagnolo (Super Record 10)... on her next ride, she will be wearing a brand-new Dura-Ace outfit, maybe not as sexy & feathery but more trusty & responsive....

zondag 23 januari 2011

New V練・連 winter-version jersey

Musume showing her usual good form...
Musume dictating the pace....

the new V-RenRen jersey designed by Saruto-san; excellent quality from Pearl Izumi!

Striking another "Famous Assos Man" pose...

zondag 16 januari 2011

Asakawa Dondo-yaki

Went "grocery shopping" to Itsukaichi Farmers' Center this morning with Musume taking a rather unusual approach through Hachioji. Along the Asakawa, dondo-yaki events here and there were in full swing.

maandag 3 januari 2011


Very brief 70-km morning ride to Yuyake-Koyake
Toilet stop for father & daughter
Musume breaking away and pulling real hard forcing me to get into danseuse
Yuyake-Koyake park and JA shop still closed... Chose the wrong kind of shoe covers for today's ride ending up with sweaty feet!

donderdag 30 december 2010


Musume watching another plane about to touch down
Musume about to trespass(/infiltrate) international territories

Musume got inside !

SOUTEIGAI...beyond the scope of assumption...
Believe it or not....there are no dedicated bicycle parking lots at the brand-new Haneda Airport !!!
(Yes, I checked with the friendly* police officer on duty who confirmed that when they designed the new airport 自転車で来られるお客様を想定していませんでした!)

* after spending more than one hour inside eating goodies from the "Air Lawson" and Musume shopping on the fifth floor in her cleats, this police officer even gave us a neat salute tipping his hat in military fashion.

donderdag 23 december 2010

Proud father

She made it...and with plenty of energy left !! Musume sure made a sea change in terms of power and stamina since she started riding last summer. Then only a very frail young lady with underdeveloped muscles having spent a year of intense studying in her father's country without much physical exercise, she's now my "pacemaker" climbing up Kazahari-toge (granted of course, my self-imposed "handicap" being to stay in outer chainring all the way). Today we took an entirely new approach to Itsukaichi along Rt. 32...little traffic and pleasant! Hinohara-kaido from Itsukaichi was still pretty wet from all the rainfall that started last Tuesday evening. The bakery midway was unfortunately closed but we took a brief toilet stop at Hebi-no-yu onsen where we filled up our bottles with blessed "Yama-no-Kami-no-Megumi" water. Musume continued to cycle up front all the way to Tomin-no-mori with only one more short stop at the Yume-no-taki waterfall. Very little traffic - mild temperatures - sunny ...before Musume knew it, she reached today's goal! For her reward, she had plenty of ice-cream to chose from.

Fujisan in all her glory
Used to be called "Licking Waterfall" (nametaki)
Nametaki...the old name captures the beauty so much better!
(seemingly) effortless
but pushing hard though!
Made it!