Berichten weergeven met het label O-Vest. Alle berichten weergeven
Berichten weergeven met het label O-Vest. Alle berichten weergeven

zondag 20 maart 2011

Brief Makime Loop

Toads happily copulating (one female and two males taking turns) in my garden's pond, people of all ages walking their dogs along the Asakawa, jinchoge daphne perfume in the air and the O-Vest "A-train" overtaking me on my way up Otarumi-toge...except for the incredibly long queus of cars and motorbikes lining up at gasoline stations, an early Spring day just like every year.

This morning, I tried the new Dura-Ace compact groupset on Super Six for the first time. Always wanting to experiment, I got the 167.5 cranks instead of the standard 170. I'm used to push heavy gears and according to leverage theory, the logic would be to go for longer (like 172.5) instead of shorter crankarms. I wanted to reverse that logic and I'm so happy I took the risk. Before, I had difficulty with "dead spots"on long climbs, tired legs no longer capable of spinning. Today, I was able to climb with the O-Vest A-train and even reeled in three members to the top of Otarumi without punishing myself - just comfortably spinning and dancing in outer chainwheel. The difference is not imagined - my legs really felt it - I'm sure I shattered my Otarumi Togebaka record...

In the afternoon, I visited O-Vest and asked Tencho to get rid of some mysterious squaking noise made by the brand-new pulley. It took longer than expected to find the cause (insufficient lubrication) and I rushed home for my next appointment with the new owner of my X-Fire introduced by Goro! It turned out I had met the guy not so long ago when eating Unagi in Mishima...small world!