Berichten weergeven met het label Ricoh GR Digital II. Alle berichten weergeven
Berichten weergeven met het label Ricoh GR Digital II. Alle berichten weergeven

zondag 3 mei 2009

Kazahari - Matsuhime Loop 190km

Second day in a row training with my friends from the Vlaams cycling club. Today it was Saruto-san who was in top-form...simply indomitable all the way from Koremasa-bashi to the Kazahari turn-off. No matter how I wanted to take over the lead, there was no way I could muster enough strength to overtake Saruto-san; I could barely hang onto his wheel doing everything in my power! I was not alone...Saruto-san turned all of us into weaklings! What a metamorphosis! I makes you wonder what the guy had for dinner or breakfast! I was already a complete wreck by the time I parted from the rest to continue my climb of Kazahari at a snail's pace! At the "Primitive Village" turn-off, I bought 3 manju buns all different flavors and they helped me come back to live somewhat. I next plodded my way up Matsuhime-toge, legs pretty much spent from all the Saruto-chasing! Luckily the supermarket/bakery near Saruhashi came to my rescue...I was starving. I left Saruhashi at 12:00 and rode home via Koshukaido and then the "Hiroshi twist" along Tsukui-ko. I ran into David and his son who had just finished their Otarumi downhill and were on their way home via Chigura. I got home before 15:00 after viewing part of the annual Kurayami-matsuri "dashi" parade float in Fuchu.

zaterdag 20 december 2008


Morning training with VLAAMS Tamasai leaving Koremasa-bashi at 6:30 as usual....when I arrived at 6:25 there was nobody there! I took a picture of my Orbea and waited 10 minutes but no one showed up....much too cold I guess.

I took off and headed for the mountains not sure which side to go...Saitama or Yamanashi. I made up my mind just in front of Yotsuya-bashi and rode direction Takao planning to do Wada and Makime in that order for a short morning ride. Orbea was rolling very smooth and I was pleased with the more aggressive position I was able to take thanks to the shorter column cut by Iwasaki-san of Friend Shokai. I took a toilet break at Yuyake Koyake before riding along Jinba Kaido. Turning left at the first bridge though, my front wheel slipped about 20 cm and I needed a super reflex otherwise I would have crashed badly. I tried to continue but noticed there were still plenty of icy patches lurking here and there. It was still before 8:00...probably too early for the frost to thaw. My feet started to feel icy cold so I decided to call it a day! For the coming winter rides, I will make sure to leave home a little later!

Once home I took a shower and got the "papacharin" ready for a ride and date with my wife to Kichijoji. We passed by the famous little O-Vest cycle shop along Tohachi-doro and here I found a nice silver bar tape for my VLAAMS for when I'm in the mood to dress her up a bit on a rainy day. In Kichijoji, I also bought a nice pair of new "long ride" tyres recently launched on the market by Bridgestone....25cc for the back and 23cc for up front.

zondag 23 november 2008

...a lazy day off the saddle

spent with my new toy...Ricoh GR Digital II.

What an incredible tiny does everything...even my favorite square "6×6" format. I've decided to make this little fellow my companion on future solo rides!