Berichten weergeven met het label daughter. Alle berichten weergeven
Berichten weergeven met het label daughter. Alle berichten weergeven

woensdag 28 september 2011

zaterdag 27 november 2010

Yuyake Koyake Shiitake

Went cycling with musume this morning...
...short ride to Yuyake Koyake (no Wada today)...
...we found some HUGE shiitake mushrooms on sale and musume got to carry them home. Went Xmas shopping in the afternoon while Nishitani-san fixed my Sirius Ti-1 (new bearings in headset). Peaceful Garmin Edge 800 toy arrived...must now see if I can get it not very good with these high tech devices....

dinsdag 23 november 2010

Afternoon ride on Labor Thanksgiving Day

Tamasai Marathon...better cycling on the down-road!
Musume on Yotsuyabashi
Musume taking the lead
always fully focused
onto the Hiroshi Twist!
Damn fast!
Dominic...that your dog?
Posing with Lake Tsukui in the background
Mighty Onekan!! Musume overtaking male riders with ease!!!

zaterdag 13 november 2010


(*West-Flemish for "wow!")

V-Ren Musume crested Wada in one stopping, no moaning, no whining...I almost felt compassion for my daughter.

The landscape at times appeared kaleidoscopic...the sky above acted as a strange color filter. High above, yellow sand from the Asian continent was slowly drifting westwards.

We rode the MOB farewell route (less Tamajiman) today; quite a challenge for my daughter who suffered a mild hunger-knock along the long climb up Kobu tunnel.

zondag 7 november 2010


"Pair Look" V練 (sometimes also V連) maillot designed by Saruto...looked pretty nice on my daughter. I was a very proud father again today; how I cherish these rides! On today's training programme was climbing "en danseuse" and I chose the quiet Makime-toge for better coaching. My V練 musume sure is a fast learner and in no time she got the knack of dancing displaying "reasonably good" (got to get her a setback seat post) form and enjoying much that she took all the Onekan rollers out of the saddle...

zondag 31 oktober 2010

Mizzling rain

Always difficult to predict the weather following a typhoon. Weathernews had a sunny mark for today whereas NHK had a more pessimistic outlook predicting rain. I left home with my daughter this morning at 9:00 hoping the sky would clear up by noontime. My plan was to take her to Makime-toge but as we were nearing the top of Otarumi it started to drizzle. Lots of riders - most of them part of the O-Vest チーム練 - were already heading down back to Takao, among them I spotted Jerome...for him quite early in the day still to be heading home already (into night riding* again?)...

I had to caution my daughter to ride slower on the downhill sections as the road was rather slippery. We took a brief stop at the "Fresh-Foods & Liquor Nakamise Chigira Store" where my daughter had a doughnut and a can of "shiruko" sweet red-bean drink. Laurent told me he often takes a rest at this store and the stuff for sale is a lot more attractive than the unvaried merchandise at conbinis PLUS there are benches and even a table.

On our way home, we crossed Lake Tsukui and climbed up R515 where we ran into scattered knots of Japanese macaques all over the road! There must have been several tens of them but luckily the noise of my squeaky cyclocross brakes scared them away...

(* as it turned out, Jerome had indeed been cycling (almost) all night with burube buddy David L.!!)

zondag 10 oktober 2010


It threatened to be another autumnal rain front day this morning so instead of Wada-toge, my daughter and I decided to walk to Kokubunji to view the 御開帳 once-a-year event when one of the national treasure buddha sculptures in the area gets opened to the public. We often take this walk along お鷹の道 "o-taka-no-michi" a short stroll along a little stream and bamboo groves. Due to the rain early in the morning, there were no stalls at all along both sides of the stairs like other years. A few moments after we arrived, the priests got out and slowly proceeded to a neighbouring temple.

The skies were quickly clearing up by then and we decided to have some tempura-soba nearby before walking back home and getting our bikes ready for a brief ride direction...Wada-toge! The ride was very pleasant with my daughter cruising at much higher speeds than before on the flats (she has been on the home trainer daily lately!).

We took a brief stop at Yuyake-koyake before doing a "reconnaissance" of Wada-toge. It was getting late though and I told my daughter to ride up front and go as far as she wanted. Effortless she completed one-third of Wada until she turned around smiling and telling me she wanted to savour the rest of the climb a next time!