vrijdag 31 december 2010

last ride of 2010

new shades...present from my cyclist brother
approaching Doshimichi
Fujisan seen from Doshimichi
went as far as the Daily Yamazaki....
Tetsu Chuunen Steel is Real !

donderdag 30 december 2010


Musume watching another plane about to touch down
Musume about to trespass(/infiltrate) international territories

Musume got inside !

SOUTEIGAI...beyond the scope of assumption...
Believe it or not....there are no dedicated bicycle parking lots at the brand-new Haneda Airport !!!
(Yes, I checked with the friendly* police officer on duty who confirmed that when they designed the new airport 自転車で来られるお客様を想定していませんでした!)

* after spending more than one hour inside eating goodies from the "Air Lawson" and Musume shopping on the fifth floor in her cleats, this police officer even gave us a neat salute tipping his hat in military fashion.

woensdag 29 december 2010


Went to Asakusa to splurge on one of my favorite dishes..."dojou nabe" and to Kappabashi to get some new soup bowls and a "round iceball maker" to complement my late evening whiskies...

I was carrying around my purchases in a flashy old "Mapei GB Colnago"cycling jersey converted by my wife into a very handy ECOBAG!

stretchy material handles heavy loads perfectly well!

flashy & strong !

"weatherfish" dojou-nabe... terribly tasty !!!

zondag 26 december 2010

Super Twelve

Rode with Nishibe-san & his colleague...two Super Six bikes!
We went as far as Yamabushi-toge
Sandwiched between 2 Super Six Cannondales

zaterdag 25 december 2010

Solo Tabayama Loop

Christmas Eve...meatloaf, Brussels sprouts, Kintoki Ninjin, Cheese Cake....pigged out & slept late! No way I could make it to the V練 or even David L's 2/3 day ride starting too early in sub-zero temperatures. Instead, I left home with the intention to "punish myself"...meaning no combini breaks attacking all toges on my way in "race-mode".

Had a cozy breakfast prepared by Musume who discovered some nice bakery in Koganei with plenty of coffee, leaving the house only a little before 9. Following last evening's dinner, I spent one full hour changing my brake pads...first time for a poor mechanic like me. The "toe-in" setting gave me some trouble and I ended up doing many "re-tries".

Rode to Okutama first over Umechan - broke the togebaka record (again!) - with a vague plan to continue all the way to Yanagisawa. I was getting hungry again and went straight to my beloved manju shop. "Gomen-kudasai!!" must have shouted twenty times...no reply but the manjus were right there behind the glass. The sliding door was locked....what to do? Opened the window and like a real burglar got onto the counter and reached inside the manju showwindow from behind...kurumi x1, shiro x2, murasaki-imo x1...left a 500 yen coin on a place where the manju-lady would surely notice, stuck the four manjus in my backpockets and off again...onto Imagawa-toge! No traffic...all alone. I rode as far as Tabayama after making a quick calculation. I wanted to be home before dark. Riding back, I crested Kazahari-toge-lake-up and arrived at my place at 4:00 p.m. (170km, 2,100m elevation). My peaceful ride was almost ruined by an "okama-rider" (diamond-studded sunglasses) who almost caused a frontal collision (...fa**ot!!!) and a stupid wheel-sucker both on the Tamasai.

Great food on the table again this evening!


my favorite manju-shop in Kosuge....
Imagawa-toge (again)
"Lake-up" Kazahari-toge

donderdag 23 december 2010

Proud father

She made it...and with plenty of energy left !! Musume sure made a sea change in terms of power and stamina since she started riding last summer. Then only a very frail young lady with underdeveloped muscles having spent a year of intense studying in her father's country without much physical exercise, she's now my "pacemaker" climbing up Kazahari-toge (granted of course, my self-imposed "handicap" being to stay in outer chainring all the way). Today we took an entirely new approach to Itsukaichi along Rt. 32...little traffic and pleasant! Hinohara-kaido from Itsukaichi was still pretty wet from all the rainfall that started last Tuesday evening. The bakery midway was unfortunately closed but we took a brief toilet stop at Hebi-no-yu onsen where we filled up our bottles with blessed "Yama-no-Kami-no-Megumi" water. Musume continued to cycle up front all the way to Tomin-no-mori with only one more short stop at the Yume-no-taki waterfall. Very little traffic - mild temperatures - sunny ...before Musume knew it, she reached today's goal! For her reward, she had plenty of ice-cream to chose from.

Fujisan in all her glory
Used to be called "Licking Waterfall" (nametaki)
Nametaki...the old name captures the beauty so much better!
(seemingly) effortless
but pushing hard though!
Made it!

zaterdag 18 december 2010

Ryoukamisan and back

Only half-unwilling to go into hibernation, I decided to take up Ludwig's invitation and join him on another unique ride featuring new twists, rindos and even "a climb to the end of the valley"!

That climb was for me the highlight of the day...as I was climbing with all my might, I kept thinking to myself...you're just riding THROUGH the valley...there is no end! Wishful thinking of course...double back! Ryoukami-san belongs to the "100 Famous Mountains of Japan" and is very popular with hikers during the koyo foliage season.

We rode back over the Green Line again with some new twists bypassing the Sadamine/Shirashi toges via a steepish rindo. Near the end of the ride with less than 20km to home left, my legs were slowly running out of power. The thought of having to face the strong headwinds of the Tamagawa began to sap even more energy out of my system. In the end, I opted for a short-cut along traffic-infested kokudos. More than 3,000m of climbing. Ludwig was in superb form and continued to ride...I guess all the way home without parachuting.
Ludwig checking the hikers' map
Ryoukamisan (1,723m) in the background
Sun's rays felt warm
Manju time

Today's route
Today's inspiration: Four Roses Bourbon
Today's BGM: Cat Stevens Mona Bone Jakon

zondag 12 december 2010

B-級 lunch with Musume!

Took Musume all the way to Yuuki-shokudo in Zushi...125km in all...rides are getting increasingly longer for my daughter. From Machida we slowly rode along the Sakaigawa "cycling" road to Fujisawa. This road is not very cyclist-friendly but still ok for slow cycling. The low-budget, "B-grade lunch at "Yuuki-shokudo was fabulous!

zaterdag 11 december 2010

Miura daikon

Was in dire need of some extra sleep this morning after a stressful week at work. I wasn't feeling too well like my body was trying hard to get rid of flu symptoms. A masked lady in the office - obviously not wanting to sacrifice paid holidays while down with the flu - had been coughing all week. My joints felt stiff and were hurting but luckily my wonder medicine at home (Meitan ume extract) helped me get rid of the pain last evening. I skipped the V練 and rode solo to my beloved fishermen's canteen in Miura where I ate the "Habanori-teishoku" for lunch. Here and there, daikon were hanging by the side of the road drying in the air...