woensdag 24 december 2014

2 more weeks to go...

New cartilage bone in digitus annularis growing slowly but surely...2 more weeks to go!
The doctor issued a stern warning to my wife...splint must remain attached at all times !!

maandag 15 december 2014

out of service

No more blog entries this year as the crash earlier this month turns out to have taken a heavier toll on me than I initially thought (not merely muscle pain).  Ring finger on right hand is fractured and right arm is still hurting when making certain twists.  Right hip is also hurting when trying to swing the other leg over the saddle or simply when trying to run.  I suspect a few cracks - not fractures - here and there.  Will visit the hospital again for more X-rays.  Deeply disappointed but the accident could have turned out much nastier....

zaterdag 6 december 2014

Crash on 76!

Today's ride plan was to do the entire R76 over Inukoeji-toge down to Lake Tanzawa.  Temperature dropped considerably once I crossed Doshimichi but the roads were dry...until I hit this downhill corner with what looked like an innocent puddle....yes there was water on top but ice was lurking beneath!  Ouch!!!  I'm OK though it looks...just my right side....bruised shoulder, hip and one finger hurting.  Bike is OK too...just a bruised brake lever and bar tape (on the right side as well).  Crashed for the first time in many years!

thank you helmet !